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Thomson Reuters OneSource Tax Integration


The Thomson-Reuters OneSource tax engine is available for SalesPad Desktop. This integration uses the OneSource tax engine to calculate sales tax on documents within SalesPad.

This integration relies heavily on the OneSource IDT add-on to Dynamics GP. This add-on draws item codes, tax schedules, and other information to be used in SalesPad Desktop. The OneSource IDT add-on must be set up properly in order for the OneSource Tax Query Handler to function correctly.

OneSource Tax Query Handler

In order to utilize the Thomson-Reuters OneSource tax engine, the Tax Schedule on a sales document must be set to a schedule that corresponds with the one created by the OneSource GP add-on, as shown below. Saving the Tax Schedule here will apply the change to all of the line items on the sales document.



  • OneSource Company Role –The role that the company plays in a given transaction. Can be set to "buyer" or "seller".
  • OneSource Connection URL – URL provided to connect SalesPad to the OneSource Tax service.
  • OneSource Default Country Code – Default Country code if one is not set up on the warehouse or address. 
  • OneSource Discount Item Number – Item number that represents discount items.
  • OneSource Discount Product Code – IDT Product code that is associated with a discount value. Must be set in order to apply discount values on sales documents.
  • OneSource External Company ID – Company name to use with OneSource Tax Service.
  • OneSource Password – Password to authenticate with the OneSource Tax Service.
  • OneSource Taxcode for Non Taxable Items – Specifies tax code for non-taxable items that are sent through OneSource.
  • OneSource Use Order Date For Invoice Tax Date – If set to True, sets the documents Invoice Tax Date to the documents Order Date. If set to Fales, the Invoice Tax Date will be set to the Document Date.
  • OneSource Username – Username used to authenticate the connection with the OneSource Tax Service.

Tax Query Handler

  • Sales Tax Query Handlers – This must be set to OneSourceTaxQueryHandler.

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