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Upgrading Microsoft Dynamics GP with SalesPad

It's very important to know your SalesPad product versions when thinking about a Microsoft Dynamics GP upgrade. SalesPad products have specific versions that are compatible with each version of GP. If you upgrade GP without operating on a compatible version of SalesPad products, you will experience issues in SalesPad and your system might go completely down. Please reference the compatible versions chart below. 

Microsoft Dynamics GP Version Desktop Version DataCollection Version SalesPad Mobile Version
2018 R1/R2
2016 R2 4.3+
2016 R1 4.3+
2015 R2
2015 R1
2013 R2 Year End Update


If you are upgrading GP but are already running a compatible version of SalesPad for that GP version, you must run the database update after the GP installation. Our database update checks for the GP version and installs files/dlls specific to that version. 

If you need an upgrade please fill out our Upgrade Request Form.  If you have any questions, please contact SalesPad Support.

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